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Handmade Market on this Weekend

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HandCarry Canvas Scarf Bag

This is my new design, hand carry Canvas Scarf Bag wt 3 compartment.
I love the canvas bag with crease so much.
Its look natural, simple and nice.

Perfect size for every day. Quick and easy to tie up, its look elegant.

Canvas Scarf Bag . Hot Pink (gray sunflower)
Status: SOLD


Canvas Scarf Bag . Tiffany Blue (script)
Status: SOLD


Canvas Scarf Bag . Elegant Purple (tiny rose)
Status: SOLD


Canvas Scarf Bag . Chocolate (clipart)
Status: Reserved

M a t e r i a l s :
+ Japanese No.8 canvas, designer cotton
+ YKK zipper
+ Leather part
+ Fully Interfacing

S i z e :
30 Height
31 Length (Narrow)
40 Length (Widest)
12 Width
1 zippered pocket separated to 3 compartment
1 phone pocket

T y p e :
hand carry, firm, tie up