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Simple Wave Waxed Canvas Crossbody Messenger Bag - SOLD

handmade by artchala.

This is a everyday messenger bag. Made with a real cow leather as bag cover,  and simple wave stitch front.

=== Approx. D i m e n s i o n s ===
42 cm width
25 cm center tall
38x10cm based
adjustable crossbody strap

=== Inner S p a c e ===
1 zipper pocket inside
2 opened pockets

=== M a t e r i a l s ===

+ solid waxed canvas
+ printed cotton linen
+ washable kraft paper fabric+ all cow leather parts
YKK metal zipper
+ bag lock

+ Metal
+ part interfacing

=== O t h e r s ===
- Please do keep these in mind, colours will vary from one monitor to another.